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Fireplace Brooms
This broom features a turned handle with embedded marbles, dyed and braided fibers. Approximately 34 inches. Available in a variety of colors.


Snyder's brooms began about 30 years ago when Ann and I purchased, at auction, several pieces of 19th century broom making equipment. We taught ourselves the art of broom making and today we make a wide variety of high quality brooms.

We like to look at our brooms a functional art as they are not only highly functional but at the same time beautifully created.

Most of our brooms are shaker style flat brooms:
These consist of everything from small but handy Wisk brooms to full sized kitchen and heavy duty brooms.

Many of our brooms are enhanced with hand turned handles and some with very decorative and colorful handles. Some of our handles have carved faces or carved dragons on them. We also use selected marbles to enhance some of our brooms.

All of our brooms are hand made and hand stitched by us. Many of our brooms have very colorful dyed broom corn. We dye our own fiber to assure top quality dyed broom corn.

Along with our brooms we also produce wool dusters. Our wool dusters are made by Ann using the finest duster quality wool available.

Not only do we produce and sell quality wool dusters but also wool dust mops, steering wheel covers, seat belt covers and duster/car wash mitts.
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